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Genentech Associate Scientist / Scientist, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics  
Mirati Therapeutics Senior Scientist, DMPK-In Vitro (2021-144)
PTC Therapeutics Associate Director, Clinical Pharmacology (R1426)
ADC Therapeutics Associate Director, Commercial Stability San Mateo, CA • QC & Analytical
Astex Pharmaceuticals Associate Director, Process Chemistry
Evotec BioInformatics Associate I
Evotec Associate Scientist
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PBSS-San Diego Event Calendar:

All of our scheduled events are listed below.

  • For further event details, click on the event title and speakers’ names.
  • To register for an event, click here.
  • To suggest seminar or workshop topics / speakers, or to volunteer to lead/co-organize a workshop, click here.

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    Webcast from Other Chapters:

    As a benefit to PBSS-San Diego members, we'll be webcasting the following San Francisco Bay Area workshops to those who register, at the same fee level as the in-classroom workshops.

    Date & time: 2021-03-09-03/10/2021 8:30-12:30 Pacific Time
    Webcast: "[Free Webcast for PBSS-SFBay Workshop] Metabolite Identification: Strategies, Techniques and Case Studies"
    Status: Check status and register.
    Speakers: Cyrus Khojasteh (Genentech), Bill Fitch, Shichang Miao (ChemoCentryx), Shuguang Ma (Genentech) and Greg Walker (Pfizer)
    Place: Webcast from PBSS - San Francisco Bay
    Date & time: 2021-03-19; 10:30-11:30 Pacific Time
    Webcast: "Free Webcast from Vancouver-PBSS] COVID-19 Pandemic – Rapid pivoting from oncological to antiviral small drug development"
    Status: Check status and register.
    Speakers: Dr. Carl Perez, Project Manager, COVID-19 Pandemic Programs, Vancouver Prostate Centre – UBC & VGH Centre of Excellence
    Place: Webcast from PBSS Vancouver.
    Date & time: 2021-03-23-03/24/2021 8:30-12:30 Pacific Time
    Webcast: "[Free Webcast for PBSS-SFBay Symposium] Cardiac Safety from Preclinical to the Clinic: Industry and Regulatory Trends in T-QT and Concentration-QT Studies for Assessing QT Prolongation Risks"
    Status: Check status and register.
    Speakers: Borje Darpo (ERT), Jay Mason (Spaulding Clinical), Bela Patel (Merck), Anne Bonneville (Terns Pharmaceuticals), Lauren Lohmer (Nuventra), Yehong Wang (Genentech)
    Place: Webcast from PBSS - San Francisco Bay
    Date & time: 2021-04-16; 11:30-15:30 Eastern Time
    Webcast: "Webcast from PBSS Boston.: [Free Online Symposium] Challenges and Successes in Newly Approved Therapeutics"
    Status: Check status and register.
    Place: Webcast from PBSS Boston.
    Date & time: 2021-04-26; 11:00-13:00 Pacific Time
    Webcast: "[Free Online Symposium from PBSS-SFBay] Highlights from 2020's FDA New Drug Approvals (jointly by PBSS and CLSA)"
    Status: Check status and register.
    Speakers: Dennis Hu and Dewakar Sangaraju (Genentech)
    Place: Webcast from PBSS-San Francisco Bay
    Date & time: 2021-07-29-07/30/2021 8:30-12:30 Pacific Time
    Webcast: "Webcast from PBSS-SF: [Free Online Symposium] Development of Inhalation Therapeutics (jointly by AAPS-BADG / PBSS / Genentech)"
    Status: Check status and register.
    Speakers: Chris Brightling (University of Leicester); Guenther Hochhaus (University of Florida); Ram Mahato (University of Nebraska-Lincoln); Bill Williams (University of Texas at Austin); Winlei Jiang (CDER, FDA)
    Place: Webcast from PBSS-SFBay
    Date & time: 2021-09-23-09/24/2021 8:30-12:30 Pacific Time
    Webcast: "[Free Webcast from PBSS-SFBay] Drug-Drug Interaction - Industry Trends and the 2020 FDA Guidances"
    Status: Check status and register.
    Place: Online via Zoom
    Date & time: 2021-10-14-10/15/2021 13:00-17:00 Eastern Time
    Webcast: "Webcast from PBSS Boston.: [Free Webcast from Boston-PBSS] Radio-labeled Mass Balance and Metabolite Profiling Studies: Fundamentals, Best Practices, Regulatory Requirements, Applications and Case Studies"
    Status: Check status and register.
    Speakers: Chandra Prakash (Agios), Scott Obach (Pfizer), Douglas Spracklin (Pfizer), Xiaochun (Sean) Zhu (Takeda), Xiumin Liu (Alnylam), Prakash Bolleddula (EMD Serono)
    Place: Webcast from PBSS Boston.

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    Past Event:

    About Us:

    Pharmaceutical & BioScience Society - San Diego (formerly CACO-PBSS) is a non-profit profit professional organization of scientists and other professionals in the life science sector, working in diverse organizations such as the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, instrumentation and scientific product suppliers, academia, government laboratories and contract research organizations. We are a member organization of Pharmaceutical & BioScience Society International (PBSS), which also includes PBSS-San Francisco Bay, Boston-PBSS, and Vancouver-PBSS. Combined, PBSS covers the largest life science clusters in North America.

    Mission Statement:

    The mission of PBSS - San Diego is to promote the exchange of scientific ideas while providing educational and growth opportunities in the fields of pharmaceutical / life science related disciplines. We foster interactions and disseminate information through seminar luncheons, targeted workshops (short courses), expert forums, symposia, vendor shows, as well as career opportunity announcements.

    Organizing Committee:

    Robyn Rourick, (Genentech, Inc.), Chair
    Sam Sperry, PhD (eFFECTOR Therapeutics)
    Jennifer Yang, PhD (Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals)
    Voon Ong, PhD (Trius Therapeutics)
    Tarun Gheyi, PhD (Eli Lilly)

    Contact us:

    Click here, or email to
    Mailing address: P.O.Box 22339, San Diego, CA 92192-2339

    ©Pharmaceutical & BioScience Society, International; Last Modified: 3/7/2021; Admin Logon
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