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University of California, Davis TOXICOLOGY GROUP LEADER (LABORATORY RESCHEARCH SUPERVISOR 2)                    
Xencor Scientist, Immuno-Oncology
Xencor Research Associate 3, Immuno-Oncology
Genentech Senior Scientist, Small Molecule Analytical Chemistry
Horizon Therapeutics Director, Nonclinical Safety (Toxicology) R0004281
Roivant Sciences Director, Translational Sciences and Immunology
Horizon Therapeutics Senior Clinical Pharmacologist
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Event Calendar:

All of our scheduled events are listed below.

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  • To suggest seminar or workshop topics / speakers, or to volunteer to lead/co-organize a workshop, click here.

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Webcast from Other Chapters:

As a benefit to Vancouver-PBSS members, we'll be webcasting the following workshops hosted by our sister organization PBSS-San Francisco Bay.

Date & time: 2022-12-07-12/7/2022 8:30-12:30 Pacific Time
Webcast: "[Free Online Webcast From PBSS-SF Bay]: Gene Therapy: Discovery, Development and Regulatory Perspectives"
Status: Check status and register.
Speakers: Mark Milton (ex Novartis), Dhaval Shah (SUNY Buffalo), Brian Long (Biomarin), Abigail Johnson (FDA), Emmanuel Gyamfi (FDA)
Place: Webcast from PBSS SF.
Date & time: 2022-12-15; 11:30-13:00 Pacific Time
Webcast: "[Free Online Webcast From PBSS-SF Bay]: Success Stories and Lessons Learned from Recent FDA Approvals: INQOVI (decitabine+cedazuridine) by Astex - Otsuka for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS)"
Status: Check status and register.
Speakers: Aram Oganesian, PhD, DABT, and Nipun Davar, PhD, MBA (Astex Pharmaceuticals)
Place: Webcast from PBSS SF.
Date & time: 2023-01-19; 8:30-13:30 Pacific Time
Webcast: "[Free Online Webcast from PBSS SF] In vitro Diagnostics and Companion Diagnostics for Cancer Detection, Treatment, and Clinical Development"
Status: Check status and register.
Speakers: Paul van de Wiel, PhD, CEO, InnoSIGN; CellWorks; CellMax, Path AI; Natera
Place: Webcast from PBSS SF.
Date & time: 2023-02-06; 8:30-13:30 Pacific Time
Webcast: "[Free Online Webcast from PBSS SF] Promising Biotech Startups"
Status: Check status and register.
Speakers: Samsara Biocapital; Darren Cooke, Berkeley Skydeck; Sam Lai, Inhalon; Paul van de wiel, InnoSIGN; Scott Shively, Bexion; Ray Takigiku, Bexion; Angela Lai, Betteromics; Robert Li, LTZ Therapeutics
Place: Webcast from PBSS SF.
Date & time: 2023-02-08-02/09/2023 8:30-12:30 Pacific Time
Webcast: "[Free Online Webcast from PBSS SF] New Product Launch: What Does it Take to Bring a New Product to Market?"
Status: Check status and register.
Speakers: Angie Lewis-White, Myovant Sciences; Eileen Ring, Alladapt Immunotherapeutics Inc.; Renard Jackson, Frontida BioPharm, Inc.; Lewis Stuart, CymaBay Therapeutics, Inc.; Kurt Mayrand, ChemoCentrys; John Farris, Graphite Bio
Place: Webcast from PBSS SF.

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Past Event:

About Us:

Vancouver Pharmaceutical & BioScience Society (Vancouver-PBSS) is a Vancouver-based non-profit professional organization of scientists and other professionals in the life science sector, working in diverse organizations such as the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, instrumentation and scientific product suppliers, academia, government laboratories and contract research organizations.
We are a member organization of Pharmaceutical & BioScience Society International (PBSS), which has 5000+ members and is active through five member organizations in San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego Area, Boston, Vancouver and Korea, some of the largest life science clusters in the World.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Vancouver-PBSS is to promote the exchange of scientific ideas while providing educational and growth opportunities in the fields of pharmaceutical / life science related disciplines. We foster interactions and disseminate information through seminar luncheons, targeted workshops (short courses), expert forums, symposia, vendor shows, as well as career opportunity announcements.

Executive Committee:

Harvey Wong, PhD, Co-Chair (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia)
Beth Allison, PhD, Co-Chair (viDA Therapeutics)
Renee Mosi, PhD (Alectos Therapeutics)
Walter Korz, MBA (WEX Pharmaceuticals)
Donald Wong, PhD (WEX Pharmaceuticals)
Alistair Stewart, PhD, AJS Consulting
Steve Arns, PhD, AdMare Bioinnovations
Evelina Rubinchik, PhD, Non-clinical Consulting
Senior Advisor: Clara Faan (BRI Biopharmaceutical Research)

Contact us:

405 – 8623 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, V6P 5A2, Canada.
General: click here, or email to

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Programmable Drug Delivery PK/PD models and the limitations of traditional dosing methods. Methods & benefits of implantable microinfusion pumps in both rats & mice.
Programmable Drug Delivery Evaluate drug efficacy in animal models in a clinically relevant manner with a Programmable Refillable and implantable pump. 3Rs and group housed.
Hypha Discovery Synthesis, purification & NMR characterization of phase 1 and 2 drug metabolites at mg-g scale with COAs. New gut metabolites service.
Alturas Analytics, Inc. Expert GLP & non-GLP LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS bioanalytical & PK/TK analysis services of small & large molecules in any matrix. Discovery through phase IV.
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