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Hughes and Associates Senior Director Clinical Pharmacology
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Genentech Scientist–Drug Metabolism (Contract 1)  
Drug Delivery Experts Associate Scientist
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Associate Director, Non Clinical PK

Nektar Therapeutics


Conceives experimental strategies and leads and participates in the design and conduct of experiments in biological systems to characterize and validate ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination) properties of NCE (new chemical entities) and biologics to prioritize them for further multidimensional optimization. Has a track record of impacting Medicinal Chemistry efforts as a functional Pharmacokinetic representative. Utilizes state of the art Pharmacokinetic (PK) Software packages to analyze and interpret PK results from in vitro and/or in vivo experiments. Plays a crucial role in implemeting Pharmacokinetic and/or Pharmacodynamic modeling. Interprets, communicates experimental findings and documents according to approved Nektar policy. Maintains broad knowledge of state-of-the-art principles and theories, and evaluates and incorporates new PK modeling concepts by reviewing relevant preclinical and clinical literature. Will reperesent DMPK function on Discovery and Development teams, as necessary. May manage junior scientists and research associates. This position contributes to and supports the company’s research and development efforts to create high value therapeutics to address unmet medical needs.

  • A PhD in pharmacokinetic and/or other relevant scientific discipline is required. Equivalent experience may be accepted.

  • A minimum of 10 years work experience in a research and/or development environment is required

  • Five years or more are required as a functional DMPK representative on drug discovery teams in large and/or mid-sized companies.

  • Proficiency in Phoenix®WinNonlin® is a must.

  • Experience with GastroPlus ™ and ADMETPredictor™ is a plus.

  • Must be able to demonstrate significant success in multidimesional optimization of NCE’s.

  • Must have experience with biologics.

  • Experienced with IND enabling studies.

  • Applies state of the art concepts, such as modeling and simulation.

  • Must be a thought leader and able to influence teams.

  • Must have superior written and oral communication skills.

  • A publication record in peer reviewed journals is required.

  • Must be able to demonstrate sound judgment.

  • Must be able to demonstrate problem solving capabilities.

  • Strong organizational skills are required.

  • Must be task oriented.

  • Must be proficient in MS word, Excel, and Power point

  • Experience working in an FDA regulated environment and knowledge of current GMPs as they apply to laboratory practices are highly desired.

  • Previous management skills are a plus.

  • Must be willing to work as part of a team.

  • Must be able to demonstrate good interpersonal skills.

Location: San Francisco


Post Date: 10/3/2018 12:14:16 PM
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