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Research Scientist: Biochemist with Strong Molecular Biology Background



Brief Description of SyntheX

SyntheX is focused on discovering therapeutics that act as modulators of intracellular protein interactions. We have built ToRPPIDO to allow us to easily discover compounds that can disrupt specific protein-protein interactions (PPIs) within cells. With ToRNeDO we achieve the inverse, we discover compounds that bring two proteins, an E3 ubiquitin ligase of our choice and a neosubstrate of interest, together to achieve targeted protein degradation. Both ToRPPIDO and ToRNeDO rely on the concept of strong and robust negative selection – the ability to select against a default event – either a PPI taking place that is to be disrupted, or the presence of a neosubstrate to be degraded. We are currently focusing on oncology and have a pre-clinical program as well as several discovery programs.

We are a fast growing startup located in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. Additional information can be found on  Submit CV and cover letter to

Job Summary 

SyntheX is looking for a talented, enthusiastic, and highly motivated biochemist with a strong background in enzymology, recombinant protein expression & purification and biophysical techniques to contribute to our drug discovery efforts. 



  • Ph.D. or MSc, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics or closely related field with expertise in recombinant protein expression and protein engineering
  • 5+ years of lab experience in demanding, analytical work environment is preferred, but not a prerequisite
  • 2+ years of biotech start-up or industry experience is highly valued, but not a prerequisite

Skills and Experience

  • Biochemistry skills with extensive experience in recombinant protein expression and purification, enzymology, and protein chemistry
  • Hands on experience with chromatography systems such as GE ÄKTA and comfort with writing or adapting Unicorn scripts
  • Experience using biophysical techniques to analyze protein-protein interactions as well as protein-small molecule interactions
  • Expertise with the kinetic and thermodynamic characterization of ligand binding as well as quantitative data management and analysis
  • Practical experience with biophysical techniques such as Microscale Thermophoresis (MST), Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC), Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF), Fluorescence Polarization/Anisotropy (FP), and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is preferred
  • Experience with structural biology particularly X-ray Crystallography is appreciated but not required
  • Adhering to good documentation and lab note keeping standards
  • A passion for science!


  • As a key team member, the candidate will be involved in designing, optimizing, establishing and executing a wide-range of biochemical and biophysical assays to support our discovery programs
  • Think critically and creatively to generate and execute ideas to positively impact project goals
  • Independently select appropriate methods and techniques in performing experiments
  • Recommend alternatives; research new methods and techniques and proactively seeks out potential solutions to problems
  • Independently write technical reports and technical presentations within the area of expertise
  • Provide regular project updates in team meetings
  • Work independently and effectively on multiple programs in a dynamic environment
  • Train and manage research assistants focused on protein purification and enzymology
  • Demonstrate strong motivation, attention to detail, independent thinking, and the ability to fully integrate into a high achieving team environment
  • Possess strong scientific and laboratory skills with a keen eye for detail and a passion for science, innovation and learning

Development Opportunities

This role offers a unique opportunity to be part of growing a company. It offers significant exposure to new scientific research and development. A successful candidate will have the opportunity for career progression and professional growth as the company grows. It is an opportunity to work with a small, dedicated, and diverse professional team working towards the goal of expanding the drug discovery toolkit and helping advance therapies to patients.

Location: San Francisco


Post Date: 11/17/2021 12:00:00 AM
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