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Scientist I - Protein Mass Spectrometry

PTC Therapeutics


The Scientist I, Protein Mass Spectrometry will use cutting edge mass spectrometric techniques to identify new biological targets, verify compound engagement and ascertain pharmacodynamic effects across the PTC Therapeutics pipeline. The candidate will join a diverse team employing multi-omics approaches to interrogate systems level biological changes associated with genetic and/or disease phenotypes.


The Scientist I, Protein Mass Spectrometry is responsible for planning and performing scientific experiments that contribute to PTC’s research and drug discovery activities. The incumbent works cross-functionally with internal departments, and external resources as appropriate, as part of PTC’s discovery science project teams. Primary duties include:

  • Develop SRM/PRM assays to quantitate protein targets in plasma, urine, CSF, and tissues.
  • Utilize both labeled (i.e. SILAC, TMT, etc.) and label-free methodologies for global proteomic analysis of in vitro systems.
  • Use co-IP and/or XL-MS protocols to map interaction networks of therapeutic protein targets.
  • Process and analyze LC-MS data. Integrate results with other multi-omics datasets to visualize and track changes in a systems biology approach.
  • Use native MS with ion mobility to probe protein interactions with ligands, lipids, drugs, etc.

  • Extensive hands-on experience using mass spectrometry instrumentation (e.g. Sciex, Bruker, etc.) with various mass analyzers (i.e. Q-IT, Q-ToF, etc.) for protein analysis.
  • Experience with protein isolation and enrichment strategies from cells/tissues/biofluids to interrogate molecular interaction networks of protein targets.
  • Prior use of label-free and/or isotopic labelling methodologies for quantitative proteomics workflows.
  • Expertise in multi-dimensional LC, micro/nano-LC, or affinity chromatography is required.
  • Detailed experience with bioinformatic tools for analysis of LC-MS datasets (e.g. Skyline, MASCOT, etc.) is needed.
  • Previous work in neurodegeneration, mitochondrial dysfunction, or oncology is preferred.

Location: Mountain View


Post Date: 12/13/2021 3:30:25 PM
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