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Principal Data Scientist – Drug Discovery & Development

Juvena Therapeutics


Juvena Therapeutics, Inc. is a regenerative medicine biotech startup inviting applicants for Principal Data Scientist – Drug Discovery & Development, who are excited to work as a core member of a team focused on the discovery and validation of novel candidate disease-modifying biologics that promote tissue regeneration by inducing tissue-specific rejuvenating phenotypes. We are discovering and developing various biologics that can promote disease-modifying phenotypes such as increasde stem cell activity, reduced chronic or localized inflammation, reduced fibrosis, improved differentiation, or increased mitochondrial function and metabolism.  

The Principal Data Scientist, reporting to the Head of Data Science and working closely with lab+computational scientists and other researchers, will drive the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents by providing leadership in statistical design, computational analysis, and predictive modeling throughout the drug discovery and development process, including algorithms for predicting disease-modifying biologic candidates & biomarkers, in vitro and in vivo experiment design and analysis, developing and automating assay read-out models & statistical QC analyses, and supporting regulatory approval (IND, NDA, etc.). The successful candidate will support pre-clinical and clinical activities related to regulatory interactions and approval as required. The Principal Data Scientist will also be a key contributor to Juvena Therapeutics’ growing in-house knowledge ecosystem (JuvNET), and developing tools and applications that extends to scientists the use JuvNET across organs, diseases, proteins, and pathways.

The position is full-time starting as early as possible. This is the perfect opportunity for someone interested in the exciting and fast-paced environment of a startup company looking to make a difference in human health and healthspan.


Major Responsibilities

  • Bring to the Juvena Team your expertise in:
    • statistical analysis and visualization of complex data relationships driving lead discovery and validation
    • statistical leadership in clinical & pre-clinical drug/biomarker development projects
    • Feature identification, algorithm development, and model selection approaches in the presence of potential bias, over-fitting, and other factors that impact generalizability of model performance
    • Establishing analytical pipelines, packages, & tools that drive best-practices and shared codebase development
  • Support pharmaceutical co-development projects and associated business development objectives
  • Support pre-clinical and clinical activities related to regulatory meetings and submissions
  • Develop and apply computational models to enhance the efficiency of candidate biologics identification, screening, and pre-clinical validation
  • Work cross-functionally to create the best possible pipeline of candidate therapeutics and the tools to scale out efficiently across multiple indications
  • Improve efficiency by automating data extractions, analyses, and reporting; 
  • Manage Google Cloud and AWS resources connected to relevant projects; 
  • Other tasks as required.
  • Actively survey the forefront of published methods and resources for your field and internalize key aspects to the company


This position is a great fit if you have/are:

  • Ph.D in Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, a Biological field, or other related disciplines involving computational biological data analysis
  • 10+ years of experience applying computational & statistical analyses to Life Sciences R&D objectives such as biomarker discovery and development, early target discovery, pre-clinical & clinical study design, PK/PD, toxicogenomics, MOA studies, etc.
  • Demonstrated mastery of both computational-statistical analysis and biology with publications, co-inventorships, or other impressive achievements
  • Experience integrating and analyzing multi-omic data
  • Highly communicative – Effective communicator verbally, in writing, and in presentations to both expert and novice audiences
  • Highly motivated – loves working collaboratively with scientists, pursue delivering objective of analysis/tool to meet deadlines on experiments and projects
  • Demonstrated expertise in statistical computing language (e.g. R and/or Python)
  • Experience with cloud computing systems is a plus (e.g. GCP, AWS)
  • Industry and startup R&D experience is a plus

Location: Redwood City, CA or remote


Post Date: 9/5/2022 12:00:00 AM
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