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Roivant Sciences Director, Translational Sciences and Immunology
Horizon Therapeutics Senior Clinical Pharmacologist
Applied Cells Research Associate
Applied Cells Application Scientist
Juvena Therapeutics Principal Data Scientist – Drug Discovery & Development
Juvena Therapeutics Senior Computational Biologist – Proteomics
Peak Bio Senior Research Associate/Scientist - Protein Production
Peak Bio Analytical/Bioanalytical Scientist
Peak Bio Research Associate - Molecular and Cell Biology
Peak Bio Cell/Tumor Biologist - Scientist
Peak Bio Director, Antibody Drug Conjugate CMC
Peak Bio Research Associate - Translation
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Research Associate

Applied Cells

  • Be a part of reagent/assay development, instrument verification/validation group;
  • Conduct prototype and instrument product testing for instrument development activities, individually or in conjunction with a senior scientist;
  • Conduct assay/reagent feasibility studies, including reagent testing, blood processing, tissue culture, cell cryopreservation, immuno-assay, multi-parametric flow cytometry assay activities, individually or in conjunction with a senior scientist;
  • Write protocols, summaries and reports to document development activities
  • Participate in planning, preparation and conducting experiments and helps in various activities pertaining to the optimal operation in a laboratory;
  • Support on-going manufacturing and field operations by performing investigations and trouble-shooting as needed

  • Minimum bachelor’s in biology disciplines with 0-3 years.
  • Experience and knowledge in human blood sample processing and cell cryopreservation techniques, cell culture methods, cellular staining procedures using flow cytometry;
  • Knowledge and understanding of working in a GMP compliant regulatory laboratory to conduct experimental procedures per defined technical SOPs, with experience of handling biohazardous materials, and understand safety procedures and guidelines.
  • Ability to handle a relatively high volume of sample processing and analysis, using immunoassay techniques.
  • Good organizational and documentation skills.

Location: Santa Clara, CA


Post Date: 9/9/2022 12:51:33 PM
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